Locks of Love (again)

Saturday morning, Rachel and I went to get our haircut while we were in Auburn visiting. For whatever reason, we both found a hairdresser we like there, so anytime we're in Auburn, we go back to her. I haven't even bothered looking for someone in Birmingham.
I decided I was tired of my ponytail and ready to give it away and start over....so I donated 10" of hair to Locks of Love. This is the second time I've done it. I donated 10" about 3 1/2 years ago as well.
I figured that while I'm pregnant and taking pre-natal vitamins it was a great time to get it all cut off...because it'll grow back pretty fast. I'm loving my new haircut, and I don't miss the ponytail at all.
She had to straigten it the day I cut it to make sure it was all even and cut correctly, but I'm not thrilled with the "after" photographs here. It looked better to me in the mirror than these photographs portray: It looks too mushroom-y. I probably won't wear it THIS straight unless I'm flipping the bottom out, instead of in.
However, I DO like the curly version and will likely wear it this way most of the time because it's SO easy:
I think it makes me look older, but Ben insists it makes me look younger. Probably because this is what I looked like just before we started dating at 15 years old.
Ben used to carry this photo of me in the dashboard of his car. Guess it's a style he liked. :)

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elizbailey said:

Cute haircut!

mariahcharles said:

I was totally thinking that you looked younger and the cut reminded me of you in high school, and then you mentioned it. VERY CUTE!!!!! I'm so envious of your curls- I would wear it that way all the time!

wendaline78 said:

My mouth dropped when I saw that. I totally understand anti-ponytail. I like the curly version. Cute!

Monique said:

Cute hair cut, but ummmmm, did I catch you were pregnant??????? Did I miss a post somewhere?????????

Tiffany said:

So adorable, Andrea! It reminds me a little of when you got your hair cut after your wedding.

Prlinehan said:

Cute cute cute. I am very jealous of your curls!

acmickelson said:

You truly have amazing hair! And how fabulous that you can be 15 again! You really don't look much older than you do in that picture! Must be all those prenatal vitamins.

OtherAylasMommy said:

LOVE the curls! Now I know where Ayla gets hers. :-)

lisatanner said:

WOW - your hair is so cute. I loved it long, but you have a special place in my heart for doing the Locks of Love TWICE!! WOW!!

wbcradic said:

WOW!! Doesn't that feel nice? And it's going to be SO easy to take care of (especially when you wear it curly). Those curls are great!

katz78 said:

Awesome curls!! Have fun with the new do!!

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