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So, I'm reading my Parents magazine today and on the cover, they mention their cover-model search. When I get to the page with the rules, I see that all it takes to enter is a digital photograph of your gorgeous kid that you can upload to their web site. Well I have lots of those...and I do get stopped everywhere I go with people saying how adorable Ayla is.
But, I don't enter...not yet anyway. Mostly because Ben would kill me if he found out I did something like that without talking to him. But, he's a good check-point for me to really think about my reasons for wanting to do this.
They make it so easy...just upload a photo and forget about it. If you make it to the finals, they'll let you know. In the unlikely case that she is chosen, we get to go to New York and have a photo shoot and she has 15 mintues of fame. So why not, right?
There are two ways to look at it (okay, probably a lot more, but whatever):
First, the downside: My fear is that uploading a photograph of my daughter to the contest, I've taken the first tangible step towards exploiting my child by using her image and likeness to win something (that she likely wouldn't even remember...) Isn't that wrong? A matter of principle? I'm not sure....
Then the upside: Typing that out, I think it sounds ridiculous...after all it's just one photo, and if I'm not all about getting her into modeling or start some kid-career then it's really not that big of a deal and in the end would amount to nothing, right? Maybe it's just for fun, send in the photo and see what happens. If by chance she won, we'd get to go to New York and we'd all have a fun memory from her childhood. If she didn't even make it to the finals, then what harm was done, right?
So...anyhow, I'm torn...and curious.
What do you think about cute-kid contests like this?
(please note this is not the same question as "should we enter?")

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devinsmom said:

Personally, I would do it, but to each their own. I agree with some of the other comments about drawing a line and not letting it go too far. I would do it for the memories and stories you could tell them when their older. But this is just me.
Kelly Freemyer

Monique said:

Love your banner btw....but to answer your question....I would go with your gut. I always had people say we should do something with Alyssa...I even checked out a few places, but it always left me with this weird feeling, like I shouldn't...I would think a one time baby cover would be cool and fun, but as far as a long term thing...I don't know. She is a cutie...I know that!

acmickelson said:

Personally, I would never enter one because I wouldn't enjoy all that attention (not to mention my kids wouldn't behave well enough) if we won. However, if you and Ayla would enjoy it, I say by all means, enter the contest. She's cute enough and your pictures are good enough - you're sure to be winners! Good luck!

As for my thoughts on the contests in general - I think they can be a fun and enjoyable event in a family's life if approached with the right attitude - the very attitude you just portrayed to us. It's the parent's who take it all too seriously and try to get their baby into a high fashion modeling career that worry me - that's where I think the contests go from being fun and harmless to scary and harmful.

audreyeden said:

The dilemma: Which picture do you send in?

Prlinehan said:

Just a funny note, I was reading the very same Parents magazine today and looking at all the cute kid pictures thinking, "well, gosh, my kids are just as cute as those kids". They definitely had a diverse group of kid shots too which is nice to see. I think the cute-kid contests are okay until you get to the airbrushed (aka creepy-looking-'cause-they're-so-fake) pictures that people use for beauty pageants and stuff.

mariahcharles said:

I think it's okay for babies, you just have to draw the line before they get too old. You don't want to have a Jon Benet on your hands! The 4 year olds that look 40. I like the baby pictures- usually very natural!

How is your new lens working? Does your auto focus or is it manual????

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