NSD - National Scrapbook Day

Believe it or not, scrapbooking has its very own day of the year -- National Scrapbook Day, and it was this past Saturday, May 3rd.  In honor of this sort of ridiculous holiday (if you can call it that) I decided to take a trip over to our local store, Scrap Etc. and support the industry by spending a little money on scrapbook supplies that I'm sure I don't need.  While I was there, I stuck around for a class taught by the talented Katie Burnett and created this version of her "Play Banner": 

Mine is a two-sided "Ayla Banner" that I think I'll use to hang in the front doorway when we celebrate her birthday this year...and maybe every year as a reminder of her baby-years as she grows up.  
Thanks for the kick-start Katie! I think maybe through this project I've overcome my distaste for butterflies...they are kind of fun to use. 

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Katie Burnett said:

Love what you did with the banner! Adding the Precious Ayla was the perfect touch!!

Great to see you.

elizbailey said:

Love your banner! Works perfectly with Ayla's name. I do love the butterfly with the cut out body.

Prlinehan said:

Oh man! I totally forgot. I got the e-mail from Scrap Etc. about the extra 10% off and I meant to go check it out since I hadn't been in there for a long time. Darn. Your banners are very cute and I like your idea of using them at birthdays-- it's neat to have those little traditions that are unique to you and your family.

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