Gods in Alabama

Ben came home from a Tuesday lunch at Disciples Fellowship a few weeks ago with an author recommendation.  Apparently, one of the people at DF has a famous sister, fiction author, Joshilyn Jackson.  So I went online, reserved all three of her books from the library, and I've been hooked ever since. 
I started with Gods in Alabama which was her first novel.  From the very first paragraph, I was enthralled.  It's one of those books you don't want to put down, and you go back and re-read sentences because they're so cleverly written, you want to be sure you caught it all.  (I don't do that much, I'm more of a speed-reader and skimmer).  
The characters are wonderfully well developed and described through the eyes of a main character, Arlene (or Lena).  You get her perspective and see the world through her eyes as she goes back to face her quirky southern family and a secret that has kept her from returning home for 10 years.  
It's good stuff.  A definite reccomend.  Now I'm reading her next novel, Between, Georgia
Note: The language and content is a little rough, so I'd rate it "R".  
Also, if your book club would like to read one of her books, and you have access to a speaker phone, you can talk directly with the author about her book!  Very cool.

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melissahicks said:

I have read this before, and I too loved it. I couldn't put it down. I will have to read the other one...

russphillips said:

Thanks for the book idea. I'm always looking for new authors/books to read! Let me know how the second turns out for you.

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