Ayla's playhouse arrived last night....and so did Noni. We spent an hour or so fixing it up with curtains, house numbers (616--her birthday), flowers, a tree, an American flag and even a framed photo on the wall.
We thought the rolling toy looked like a good little lawn mower for her front lawn. It's a good thing it's pretend-world, because the stove and microwave and table are all outside!

I love the little shoebox shelf above the sink!
Already, she has to duck to get inside...she's getting tall!
And, I thought all my northern friends would get a good laugh out of this weather that interrupted television shows last night several times with winter storm warnings:
This is what they call a snowstorm in Alabama.

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marisanokes said:

Jake and I have been behind on your blogging and have been reading from where we left off and came across this "winter storm" of yours. At first I looked at the picture and had to take a second look to actually see all the snow that fell. You guys can still see your grass!!! I thought this was pretty funny and Jake said to make sure you buy enough salt next time! =)


katz78 said:

You are such a creatively awesom Mother! ...makes play time even more fun!

Prlinehan said:

Have fun in Destin-- hope the weather's nice. At least you got to experience this "winter storm" since you missed the last one. :)

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